Predict the Future, Know Your History

Posted: 19/06/2012 in Predict the Future, Know Your History, Uncategorized

No event has happened that has not occurred in another time. Sure, we have gadgets and gizmos that change the details of what happens, but the core of events are always the same.

Men fight for money and power and women or love. Governments rise up, grow and govern the how, why, when and wheres of our lives. Citizens grow tired with the weight of servitude and either collapse and throw off the shackles, even with the risk of death looming. How it happens, why it happens, the details may change, but it all stays the same.

This blog is dedicated to many things. First, we will focus on history. We will see how we can use it to see where we are today and how to know where we are going and how to get where we want.

We will predict the future by looking to the past.

During this history lesson, I will jump to current events to show how we are repeating what has already been done before. I will reference where my information is from and I will always be sure to point out whether I am drawing the connection or if it is accepted fact that draws the line.

Never take what you hear, read or see from another at face value. Check, double check, triple check anything I say. That way, you know it is true and you aren’t just taking my word for it. If I find I have said something inaccurate, I will admit it.

This is about truth. No matter who it empowers. The truth is the ultimate authority. It always favors those who share it.

Ask yourself, who truly admits the truth? The government? If they admitted the truth, then why is so much of what they do classified?

They hide the truth, whether it is harmful to them or not. They do not believe you have a right to the truth. They believe they have the authority to create truths for you.

The truth is power. It can raise up and destroy the greatest of men, peoples and empires. Take it for yourself. If you accept the truth, you will have accepted power. The power you have every right to for simply existing. The power to live as you see fit guided by absolute truth.


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