The Atrocity at Versailles

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We’ll begin our sooth-saying where it began with me.

The Treaty of Versailles. It was in studying the Great War and the resulting treaty that I came to realize that much of what we are told and much of what we believe to be true is based on falsehoods and broken promises.

Let’s start with the shot that rang out across the world on June 14, 1914.
Archduke of Austria Franz Ferdinand is shot and killed by a Serbian national. Ferdinand was presumed to be the heir to the Austrian Throne. Granted, this assassination was not initially met with ferocity as Ferdinand was not greatly beloved by anyone, including the Emperor. However, his death was ultimately used in order to create a conflict between Austria and Serbia which then led to a cascade of events culminating in what is now known as the First World War.

Austria declared war on Serbia. Russia, who had a defense pact with Serbia declared war on Austria. Germany, who had a defense pact with Austria, declared war on Russia and so it went until the players of this war were established.

In America, the People wished to avoid the affairs of Europe. However, banking interests recently given power over the American currency and economy had great stakes in the war. In the end, Wilson broke his promise made when running for re-election and entered the war after the sinking of the Lusitania.

We will talk more about Wilson, the banking interests and the Lusitania in another segment as all of those are of great importance to today.

With the entry of America into the war, the ‘Allies’ victory was assured. It is interesting to note that America specifically declared that they were not part of the joint forces in Europe, rather, they were a separate force out to seek vengeance against the Germans for the sinking of the Lusitania.

The war raged for several years with the only two true movements. The Axis pushed the line westward and it was pushed back by the Allies. It was, for all intents and purposes, a stalemate.

In the Middle East, Captain Lawrence and a multitude of other British and French officers were sent to gain the support of the Arabic people against the Ottoman Empire in order to disrupt their supply lines to the front. The movie “Lawrence of Arabia” is a romanticized version of this story. In order to gain the support of the Arabs, England promised that upon the war’s end, the entirety of the Middle East would be returned to the Arabic people for them to govern as a single people, Muslim and Jew alike.

The end of the war came with the revolution of the German people being won against the monarchy. Having taken the country out of the hands of royalty and instating democracy, they called for a cease-fire in order to allow for negotiations to end the war.

This led to the Treaty of Versailles. By the end of the negotiations, England and France managed to break nearly every promise made and commit to actions that would impact the global stage up until the current day.

In the treaty, it is asserted that Germany was the instigator of the war and the German people were guilty of a mass of war crimes. Let’s go back. How did the war start? With the Archduke of Austria being shot by a Serbian national. No mention of Germans there. Following this, Austria declares war on Serbia. Still no German involvement. Russia declares war on Austria. No Germany. Then Germany; there it is; declares war on Russia.

Fourth to the fight. To add to this, the German people were against the war nearly the whole time and it is one of the primary reasons they brought the monarchy down and called for a cease-fire.

So, the fourth nation to enter the war and the nation to have called for a cease-fire is to blame for the entire travesty. Well, that’s what the treaty says.

Now, it is true that Germany’s leaders were quite interested in going to war. What you must look at is that while the governing body of Germany acted maliciously, the people wanted no part of it which resulted in the revolution that brought about the end of the German monarchy. However, even with the willingness of the royal family to go to war, they, by far, are not the sole or primary instigator of the war.

I won’t say they are connected, but it is interesting to note that at this time Germany was fast becoming a power to its own right, rivaling England, Spain and France militarily and economically. Italy, just for the record, betrayed Germany and Austria to join the Allies and to be defeated more often than not in the war as a whole.

As a requirement of the treaty, much of Germany’s best land was seized as repayment and they were instructed to never build up a military. The result of this action was a near destruction of the German economy which led to great discontent.

Moving to the resulting actions in the Middle East, rather than abide by their guarantee to return the region to the Arabic people, France and England devised another strategy. They first divided the region into smaller states and then attempted to colonize them. This did not work out well and they were forced to surrender the colonies which resulted in what is now the map of the Middle East. This has led to the Arabs fighting for decades as to who will re-create and rule the new caliphate as that was the intention of the Arabs upon the entire region being returned.

The second action Britain committed was the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. This was headed by the colleagues and associates of the Rothschild family who had already firmly established themselves as the banking elite in Europe and, finally, in America. Through political actions in the League of Nations, England(interestingly, at this time, in debt to the central banks) was given permission to create a homeland for European Jews to colonize in the Middle East.

It is important to realize that Jews already lived in the Middle East and had for centuries. The Arabic people were compromised of Jews, Muslims, Christians and even heathens. During the caliphates and the Ottoman rule, these different beliefs were not a source of rivalry on the scale they are today.

Wilson, during the debate of creating this homeland, sent a committee to find out what the indigenous people thought. It was determined that Arab Muslims and Jews alike unanimously said no to this idea. I wonder how Wilson would have dealt with this fact had he not had a stroke that left him all but incapacitated and leaving the way for his wife to essentially act in his stead until his term was over.

In the end, Britain created this homeland and the European Jewish immigration to the Middle East began.

What does all this matter to us today? Let the sooth-saying lesson begin.

First, with the near total destruction of Germany’s economy, one could see how the resulting atmosphere, through poverty and indignation, could give rise to a man who convinced the people he could and would restore their lost land, bring back their wealth and once again become a power to rival all other powers that be. Maybe I’m wrong, but that, coupled with Jewish families such as the Rothschild family seeming to have a dis-proportionate amount of wealth, even after the economic destruction brought by the Treaty of Versailles, could easily lead the desperate nation to follow a man into genocide.

Is it right? No. But was the Nazi movement simply the result of a mad-man with a flair for speech? I find that unlikely. The rise of Hitler and the hatred for Jews was only possible with the actions of Britain through the treaty of Versailles.

Second, with another European empire claiming rights over their lands, is it any surprise that the Arabs have a deep-seated hatred for the Western ways? With white people calling themselves Jews taking a piece of the Middle East and expanding it while using the Arabs, Jews and Muslims alike, as fodder and servants, is it any shock that the State of Israel is constantly under threat? Of course, it might make it worse when Israel has a history of starting fights with their neighbors. The war between Israel and Egypt in the 40’s was precipitated by Israel.

In no way do I condone the actions of Hitler nor do I have any ill-will against the Jewish people. These are facts, historically documented occurrences. Yes, I point out some possible connections, but the facts are there.

History shows us why the Middle East has been and still is in turmoil. It shows how the Nazi party had such an easy rise to power. It shows why the Western world is at such odds with the Middle East.

Knowing this, it must be quite hard to still want to ignore the past and its influence on today and tomorrow.

Some references for World War 1, the Treaty of Versailles and other related topics in this posting:

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By all means and as always, do your own research. Don’t take my word for anything.


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