And the Truth Shall Wake the Giant

There are 2 ‘sayings’ that I find intriguing and all too true.

‘The Truth shall set you free.’
‘I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant.’

This is America. Land of the free, home of the brave. But, is it really? At one point, perhaps, but we have lost that in so many ways.
It wasn’t long ago that the people of this land called it a Republic. Not a democracy. It wasn’t long ago that it was common to talk about sovereignty without being looked at as a nut or an extremist.
Some want us to believe that we are a ‘nation’ much as Australia, Japan and others are nations. The movie ‘Birth of a Nation’ points this out quite clearly. It is asserted that when the Civil War ended, it created a singular nation. We believed it and now it is so.

However, that is not what this land is. It is only what we perceive it to be. The laws and ways set forth over 200 years ago are still the laws of this land, we have simply had our eyes averted from them. We are not a nation beholden to leaders in some far-off city.

We are a republic of sovereign states(nations) and people. That is what made us free and drove so many to fight so hard from the inception of the union through to today. We were and are sovereign. Kings of our own lives.
But we don’t take that for ourselves. We give it up for a promise of security. A promise that our ‘great leaders’ will fix things for us. All we need to do is buy, sell, watch and go to work.

The truth will indeed set us free. But we must find it, seek it out and accept it no matter what it means. You will lose nearly everything if you accept the truth because all you have been given has been a lie.

We are indeed a giant, slow to wake but horrible in our vengeance. We have shown time and again that when the free people of this land unite, whoever has harmed us will pay.

The truth shall wake that giant and we will repeat history more than 200 years old.
There are only a few now, but it has always been the few that have changed the world. Our ‘leaders’ are not who we perceive them to be.

I will show you where we have come from. I will show you where we are. I will give you the information to find the truth for yourself.

All you need is the courage to accept it and to accept that nothing lost to the truth was truly yours to begin with.


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